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Season 2

Augmented Reality with the Experts

Whether you're a beginner or advanced creator,
each episode is full of helpful insights and practical tips you can use.

Alexis Zerafa | Difficulty: Intermediate

Optimizing Effects

Guest creator, Alexis Zerafa, discusses how she optimizes her Spark AR project files and effects.

Learn about:

  • Optimizing objects
  • Optimizing textures
  • File compression
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Antony Tran | Difficulty: Advanced

AR Games

Guest creator, Antony Tran, discusses using Spark AR to create interactive AR games.

Learn about:

  • Using scripts and patches
  • Adding logic and interactivity
  • Using gestures
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Isabel Palumbo | Difficulty: Intermediate

Character & Beauty

Guest creator, Isabel Palumbo, discusses how she uses Spark AR to create characters and makeup effects.

Learn about:

  • Using face mesh distortion
  • Importing custom assets
  • Using shaders
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Eddy Adams | Difficulty: Advanced

Custom Assets

Guest creator, Eddy Adams, discusses using custom objects and assets in his Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Building 3D objects
  • Animating 2D/3D objects
  • Customizing textures
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Lianne Tokey | Difficulty: Beginner


Guest creator, Lianne Tokey, discusses using type and typographic treatments in her Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Adding type to effects
  • Animating assets
  • Using Patch Editor
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Adrian Steckeweh | Difficulty: Advanced

Advanced Shaders

Guest creator, Adrian Steckeweh, discusses how he uses Spark AR to build and customize advanced shaders.

Learn about:

  • Creating materials and textures
  • Controlling patch assets
  • Animation sequences
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Leighton McDonald | Difficulty: Beginner

2D Objects

Guest creator, Leighton McDonald, discusses using 2D objects in his Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Using 2D objects
  • Using face tracking
  • Using animations
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Kyo Park | Difficulty: Beginner

Patch Editor

Guest creator, Kyo Park, discusses using the Patch Editor to build her Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Using Patch Editor
  • Adding logic and interactivity
  • Optimizing patches
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Isabelle Udo | Difficulty: Intermediate


Guest creator, Isabelle Udo, discusses using sounds and music in her Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Making audio reactive effects
  • Using sound effects
  • Using audio patches
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Paige Piskin | Difficulty: Intermeditate


Guest creator, Paige Piskin, discusses using segmentation in her Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Hair segmentation
  • Background segmentation
  • Adding animation
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Doddz | Difficulty: Advanced

Target Trackers

Guest creator, Doddz, discusses using target trackers in his Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Using target trackers
  • Optimizing target images
  • Adding interactivity
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Kym Fiala | Difficulty: Advanced

3D Objects

Guest creator, Kym Fiala, discusses using 3D objects and animations in his Spark AR effects.

Learn about:

  • Building 3D objects
  • Animating 3D objects
  • Optimizing 3D assets
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